version 1.3

We originally developed this application for our users who moved from Eudora Mail to Outlook.  They couldn't live without their PH client, and we couldn't find any apps that worked well with Outlook.  So we made our own.

Here's what it looks like:


Just enter your PH Query and click on Search.  The query results show in the upper section of the results area and the record of the selected result appears in the lower half of the results area.

Automatically Add Addresses

You can click on any of the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: buttons to automatically "cut and paste" the email address of the currently selected record.

If a new message is currently open, OutlookPH will insert the email address into the new message.  If a new message is not available, OutlookPH will create a new message for you.

OutlookPH will even open Outlook to create a new message if it isn't already running.


New Icon in Outlook

OutlookPH installs the convenient PH icon on the Standard Toolbar in both the Outlook main window and message windows (new, sent, and also saved messages.) 

You can click on the OutlookPH button while editing a message without having to switch between all kinds of open windows.

OutlookPH also puts a "Directory Service - PH" option under Tools in the Outlook menu bar.


Save & Print Features

OutlookPH lets you Save or Print the current PH record.

Just use the buttons at the top of the OutlookPH window.


Other cool stuff

You can change the display fonts, as well as the server and port number of the PH server.



Since we've had lots of requests for this application, and we figured it's something everyone can use, we're letting you download and use the software FREE.  BUT (yes, there's a catch) we don't have the resources to support just anyone and everyone, so you're ON YOUR OWN.  


The download is a self-extracting executable file.  Just save the file to somewhere on your local PC (we suggest the Desktop) and double-click it to install OutlookPH.  (Make sure Outlook is closed before running the install.)


Download outlookph.exe